Thank You, Team!


Thank You, Team!

It takes a village… even to launch an orchestra.  Luckily, the National Contemporary Orchestra has an incredible village of experts who have been integral in getting the NCO to our launch and are committed to seeing the orchestra succeed long into the future!

The National Contemporary Orchestra would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the marketing team at UPBrand Collaborative and the development team at WON Creative for their work and expertise.  Together, their time, passion, and enthusiasm have given the NCO its look and identity. 

UPBrand Collaborative, based in St. Louis and lead by Jeff Insco and project manager Kate Voigt, has been remarkable to work with, and we are beyond impressed with the creativity they put into everything they do.  From our AMAZING logo to our strategies and branding, UPBrand has been an indispensable partner in helping the NCO find our look and style.

Josh Yanow, WON Creative director and developer, has work with NCO Director Andrew Lyon on projects in the past, so it was a no-brainer that WON would be to whom the NCO turned to ensure our website is as slick and user-friendly as possible.  Josh’s work and advice have been invaluable throughout the process, which is why he’s been at the top of his field for over 20 years.

The National Contemporary Orchestra will forever be in debt to these two wonderful companies and look forward to working with them for years to come!