What’s In a Name? What’s In a Logo?

The soon-to-be iconic logo of the NCO is perfect not only for the orchestra, but for music itself.   A group of ten people can hear the same collection of notes played at the exact same time, and still come up with ten unique interpretations of what the music is saying.  So too is the case with the NCO’s logo – objectively subjective in the best possible way. 

In the early weeks of the summer of 2023, our marketing team at UPBrand Collaborative presented the NCO with a collection of thoughtful and creative logo options.  But when we saw the simple-yet-intense squiggle you see at the top of the NCO website, we knew instantly that we had our image.

Through some informal market research, it was quickly discovered that the logo was quickly interpreted in over 200 different ways (yes, we counted them), and had its share of positive and not-as-positive reactions.  The negative comments were actually music to our ears as they show how subjective our logo is, just like the music we play.  Even when presented to a group of music educators, only about 1/4 of the reactions were music related.  Again, we couldn’t be happier with the results and knew we picked the right image to represent all that the National Contemporary Orchestra is about.

What do you see??  Click over to The Logo page and tell us what images you find in the NCO logo.  There’s no wrong answer, even “nothing” is 100% correct!